SEO Tips and Tricks to Boost Traffic and Website Ranking

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the only word, which seems to be so easy, but when you seriously look at it, its so damn difficult to handle. Everyone ,from blogger to big companies, run behind SEO workers who can prove that there work ensures good outcomes and they pay those SEO workers 100′s of Dollars monthly! But why run behind them? When you can do this job on your own with just a little more in-depth knowledge of SEO! Yes, i am going to teach you with simple SEO Tips and Tricks on how you can Boost your Traffic and Increase website ranking with no wrong or black-hat method.

SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO Tips and Tricks to increase alexa rankings

Just follow the below Simple SEO Tips and Tricks to Get your blog ranked higher on Google , and why only Google, even on other search engines like yahoo, bing, yandex etc.

Simple SEO Tips and Tricks :

  • Niche Selection : Most people choose the niche to blog on where they see there is a lot of money, That’s totally a wrong perspective to earn or to blog. If you want your blog to be successful, and choose the Niche which best suites you, not your pocket. Like a man who generates lot of new ideas in his mind for betterment of internet, blogs on Weight Reducing Tips to earn. He can and must go for Internet Marketing or any such related topic to blog on and I guarantee, you will see the best results on that blog. No matter you spend any penny on advertisement or any thing to get it high in SEO terms, you will see good results on Search Engines Giants for that blog which interests your mind, not your pocket.
  • Keyword Selection : That’s true. Even after the correct niche selection, you need to have an idea on how to select better Keywords for your blog posts. Now again people will focus on keywords which pay higher, but why? Just keep calm for a minute, hear your heart, listen to what you want to write on, and then use Keyword Tools to select the best keyword on that Topic. Now suppose today you want to write something about SEO on your blog, then why not think more deeply and see which perspective of SEO you want to look on. Suppose you want your blog readers to give an idea of Backlinks, now open Google Keyword Tool. And do a thorough research on the keyword “Backlink” and select a 3-4 words long keyword on that. Now focus on that keyword and start writing your Blog Post.
  • Keyword Density : Most new bloggers think that the higher number of times that keyword is there on the blog post, the higher it will be ranked on Google! That’s totally wrong. You need to balance your Keyword Density with your Blog Post. You must not include that keyword more than 5 times in the Blog Post’s body. You must include that once in your Title, once in the permalink, in Meta Description and Meta tags. Other than that, you shall include it in the first paragraph of your blog post.
  • Meta Tag & Descriptions : This is the most easiest and the most simplest part of the SEO. You must include Meta Description and Meta Tags in your blog post. If you are blogging using  WordPress’s CMS, then just add “YOAST – SEO for WordPress” plugin. It will make your this task much more easier. I myself use this plugin.
  • Optimize Images : Don’t forget, image search on Google is a very powerful thing to derive traffic on your Blog. If you are doing image optimization the right way, then your Blog’s Images will be indexed by Google’s image search and will derive a lot of traffic on your Blog. You need add “Alt” tag and “Title” tag on your images to optimize it correctly, also try to include the Main Keyword in it.
  • Content is King :Never forget, whatever you do in SEO to get your blog better, doesn’t matter if you do not have quality content. Content was King, Content is King and Content will be then King forever. You must not use cheap and dirty tricks for content and never steal content from anyone’s blog. Always focus on your mind and write something new, something unique, like I do :) . Content Quality is the main thing which affects the overall SEO rate. You can use CopyScape  to check what you need to revise on your article to create it copyright free.
  • Inbound Links and Outbound Links : Always manage a balance between these two, excess of Inbound links or excess of Outbound links or excess of both will get you penalized on Search Engine Giant “GOOGLE”. So try not to include too many links on your website and blog posts. Always manage a balance between the two.


So this was my own SEO checklist of Tips and Tricks. I wrote this whole big blog post so that you guys can understand a more on Search Engine Optimization and do a little more research before writing and before creating a new blog too.

Happy Optimization to all :)

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